The Chakras – description of each chakra


The seven chakras (energy centers) of the human being:

1. Root chakra
2. Sacral chakra
3. Solar plexus chakra
4. Heart chakra
5. Throat chakra
6. Third Eye chakra
7. Crown chakra

1st. Chakra
Muladhara = Root chakra




Mantra: LAM
Musical note: Do / C / Sa
Element: Earth
Prime function: Grounding & Security. Survival …
Affirmation: All of my needs are satisfied in perfect harmony with nature.
Nourishment: Protein-rich food.
Location: The root chakra is in the pelvic cavity between the anus and genitals, and opens downward.


The image corresponding to this chakra is the lotus flower with four petals. The color of the root chakra is a bright red. The element is earth.

The root chakra is attributed all solid matter in the body (bones, teeth and nails), feet and legs. The digestive system to the anus, the prostate, and the formation of blood cells is through the root chakra. The sensory organ of the root chakra is the nose, the sense of smell.

Disorders of the root chakra

These can be recognized by the following attitudes: the person has extreme fears to suffer physical or psychological wounds. To avoid being hurt prefers hurting others. An extreme selfishness characterizes these people. Blocked root chakra is identify with the thinking and behavior markedly materialistic. Sensuality is increased to extreme impulsivity, and feelings are rejected. People with a root chakra disrupted or blocked tend to escape reality, and can be prone to addictions (alcohol, nicotine, and in the worst case, drugs).

A balanced root chakra

Convey a sense of security. Overcame the fear of impotence and prevail love and trust. The union with the earth, durability, allows the relationship with the reality. Sensitive beings with a balanced chakra are able to improve their skills. This includes the ability to leave the body, to perceive visions without fear and clairvoyance.

2nd. Chakra
Swadhisthana =Chakra




Mantra: VAM
Musical note: Re / D / Re
Element: Water
Prime function: Relationships & Emotions. Sexuality …
Affirmation: All of my thoughts and emotions flow harmoniously. All of my desires are perfectly balanced.
Nourishment: Water, liquids.
Location: The sacral chakra is in the pubis and opens forward.


The image corresponding to this center is the lotus of six petals. The color of the sacral chakra is orange. The element is water.

The sacral chakra influences positively all pelvic cavity, or reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, as well as all fluids: blood, lymph, gastric juices and sperm. The sensory organ sacral chakra is the tong, the sense of taste.

Sacral chakra Disorders

These can be recognized by the following attitudes: the person is irrational and has disturbances in self-esteem. Afraid of relationship and fears to create a family. Tends to be frigid, bigotry, sexually overdriven or has compulsive sexual dysfunctions. With groundless jealousy, terrorizes partner or other close.

Here are reflected experiences of children who have not been assimilated. In the family home lacked protection. The person lacks discipline and perseverance. These people always fail to control themselves or cannot stop their sexual desires.

A balanced sacral chakra

Generates physical-psychic harmony in partner relationship. The individual trusts his instincts and surrounding perceived his vitality. Rests in them and has a strong sense of family. When the root chakra and sacral chakra, are harmonized, a being with a sensitive disposition has the opportunity to hone their skills.

3rd. Chakra




Mantra: RAM
Musical note: Mi / E / Ga
Element: Fire
Prime function: Energy & Vitality. Will power …
Affirmation: All of my desires come true in perfect harmony with nature.
Nourishment: Energy food, carbon-hydrates, fats, coffee, alcohol, stimulants in general.
Location: The solar plexus chakra is located at the navel and opens forward.


The picture for this center is a lotus with ten petals. The color of the solar plexus chakra is yellow. The rightful element is fire.

The solar plexus chakra establishes communication with the abdominal cavity, stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder and digestive system. Autonomic nervous system chakra. The sensory organ is the eye, the sense of sight.

Disorders of the solar plexus chakra

These can be recognized by the following attitudes: the center of psychosomatic illnesses. The person tends to stress, fear and nervousness. It disturbed the center of emotions, and difficult dealing with other human beings. Do not trust your instincts, lost their own identity and live emotionally after the imagination of others. Do not accept your own body. The reactions to the environment are fear, insecurity and anger.

The solar plexus chakra is the center of all emotions. Here are drawn anger and hatred, grief and joy.

A balanced solar plexus chakra

A man of this type lies in its center and its environment gives a sense of stability. It is an active person who makes decisions and assume responsibilities. Reacts with sensitivity and makes decisions be guided by their intuitions. Humans with a balanced solar plexus chakra are very sensitive and open to the problems of others. In this case, the medial literate beings can strengthen their telepathic abilities. They are the so-called X-ray vision

4to. Chakra




Mantra: YAM
Musical note: Fa / F / Ma
Element: Air
Prime function: Balance, Love & Connection.
Affirmation: My heart is open and flows freely with love for myself and others.
Nourishment: Vegetables and green-leaf vegetables.
Location: The heart chakra is located at the level of the heart in the center of the chest and opens forward.


The image will be a twelve-petalled lotus. The heart chakra colors are pink and green. The rightful element is air.

As body parts are treated heart, the lower lung, blood circulation and blood. The sensory organ is the skin, the sense of touch.

Disorders of the heart chakra

These can be recognized by the following attitudes: pessimism and negative worldview inactivate this chakra. A selfish love and egoism, it is difficult to deal with these people. The egocentric only loves themselves and has no consideration for the feelings of others. It is inconstant, unsteady and has trouble saying “no”. It is a being who gives unconditionally to reach servitude.

A balanced heart chakra

This kind of man is highlighted by the love he professes his fellows, is compassionate and harmonious. Its most outstanding quality is a healthy optimism. He is willing to accept and convey love. The heart chakra is the seat of pure love. This chakra is the center that enables us to make flow of Universal Life Energy hands-Reiki-to heal others.

The active heart chakra

Trains mentally influence things. For example, the transmission of thought and distant healing. “The will can move mountains.” All you seriously want to achieve will be fulfilled.

5th. Chakra
Visuddha = throat chakra




Mantra: HAM
Musical note: Sol / G / Pa
Element: Ether
Prime function: Communication & Healing. Creativity …
Affirmation: I express myself freely and openly.
Nourishment: Fruit, flowers and honey.
Location: The neck chakra is at the front of the neck, in the area of the pharynx and opens forward.


The corresponding image is a lotus of sixteen petals. The color of the throat chakra is blue. The rightful element is ether.

The lungs, bronchi, esophagus, throat and jaw are made by the throat chakra. The ear is the sense organ, the sense of hearing.

Disorders of the throat chakra

Can be recognized by the attitude, is disturbed communication capacity. For passive behavioral disturbances, humans cannot talk about their feelings, not by words or gestures. Distrust, lack of self-esteem and fear of being unable to control one’s life, leading to compulsive oral needs. The person “swallows” everything (alcoholics, eating unhealthy behavior). It lacks the ability to defend itself, has no power to impose.

Active Disturbance throat chakra manifests because the individual is verbally imposed yelling and screaming. There is no sincere diplomat: is the liar.

Active neck Chakra

Enables people to listen. He likes to discuss and is able to talk about their feelings. Beings with a balanced throat chakra are very creative and open to the inspirations.

6th. Chakra
Ajna = front chakra




Mantra: OM
Musical note: La / A / Da
Element: All
Prime function: Intuition & understanding.
Affirmation: I open myself to the inner vision which brings understanding of my spiritual truths.
Nourishment: Prana brought by solar light.
Location: The brow chakra is located between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead and is known as “the third eye”.

The corresponding image is the lotus flower of ninety-six petals.

The color of the front chakra is violet-blue. Here is the seat of inspiration.

It is the chakra for the eyes, sinuses, frontal sinuses and cranial nerves.

Disorders  front chakra

These can be recognized by the following attitudes: rational and intuitive thinking are foreign to this being. Not able to organize your life and tends to lack of concentration. Not suitable for hierarchical positions. It lacks any kind of feeling and inspiration. Negative behavior is expressed in a selfish thought, superstitious and dogmatic. Even the most trivial things intellectualize. These people are prone to mental illness and drug ingestion.

A balanced front chakra

Oscillations and allows us to perceive things that are not expressed. We are guided by our inspiration. Here is developed the sixth sense, good judgment and sensitivity capabilities. And here is also the center of logical thought and concentration. The ultimate goal is to achieve wisdom. This chakra gives the person the ability to self-evaluate. You can be clairvoyant, and perceive and understand visions. It is also capable of receiving and sending telepathic messages. This is the seat of the inspiring force and power of meditation and prophecy.

7th. chakra




Mantra: Silence
Musical note: SI / B / Ni
Element: All
Prime function: Enlightenment & transcendence.
Affirmation: I allow myself to become one with the eternal energy.
Nourishment: Divine energy.
Location:  The crown chakra is at the crown area in the upper part of the head and opens upward. The corresponding image is the lotus of thousand petals.

The color of the crown chakra is white-violet. Here is the seat of enlightenment.

When the crown chakra you are the brain and the cranial vault. No physical correspondence. The crown chakra surpasses all directions and elements.

Disorders crown chakra

These can be recognized by the following attitudes: the person tends to emotional disturbances, which are expressed as self-pity and martyrdom. Dramatizes and by all means tries to draw attention to themselves.

Very few people can attain supreme wisdom and universal consciousness. People who are on this path, often face their fellow-tolerant. Accept others, without trying to change or interfere in their lives, and show a lot of understanding. But this level remains hidden to be most humans.

Very good techniques to balance the chakras are Meditation, Yoga, Reiki etc.

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