The Chakras – introduction



The chakras as mentioned in the ancient Vedic scriptures and the term came to the Western world through the Tantra-Yoga.

The word “chakra” means wheel, circle. In the images of meditation, the yogi represents the chakras as lotus flowers.

Each chakra is attributed to different amounts of petals. The number of petals rising from the root chakra, represented by a lotus flower with four petals, until the mandala or crown chakra as a lotus flower with a thousand petals.

In some descriptions chakra is also called “Padma” = Lotus. The number of petals gives brief information about the increase of the oscillation frequency chakra energy.

Chakras are energy centers in our body lightweight material, through which we are especially willing to absorb energy.

Our body has seven main chakras, which devote an introduction in the following lines.

The various chakras are linked by a common stream of energy.

Seers can see the chakras as circles of different colors that are turning. The sight of these colors is individual and subjective. The recognized colors for us are the colors of the rainbow spectrum and classified to describe the different chakras.

The chakras are the mirror of our soul. All experiences, good or bad, we have obtained in the course of our lives, influencing the behavior of the chakras.

The experiences and negative experiences cause blockages that interfere with the flow of energy. According to their predisposition, humans react to their environment in an aggressive or introverted.

Each chakra has a spiritual and a physical classification. When our feelings are hurt, they soon appear as physical pain, and thus close the circle.

Each Chakra is linked to specific areas of the brain and parts of the body. Unbalanced chakra can create pain and human being feels powerless, lacking energy and stimulus for action.

Techniques to balance your chakras are Meditation, Yoga, Reiki etc.

The chakras

The seven chakras (energy centers) of the human being:

1. Root chakra

2. Sacral chakra

3. Solar plexus chakra

4. Heart chakra

5. Throat chakra

6. Third Eye chakra

7. Crown chakra

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