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We want to make your life easier. Our all in one directory helps you to find the best re-connective courses, retreats & voluntary programs in Spain. You just need choose from bellow options – click –  and we will bring you the best places:

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  • Easy to use: Just click and we bring you the places.
  • Natural environment: The places that we are offering you are located in the nature.
  • Time saving: Just sit down and we bring you a list of the best places.
  • Multi-discipline retreats: Animal Communication, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Taichi, Chikung… you name it.

Our team is based in Spain, Czech Republic & Jamaica therefore we specialize in those three countries for now. All three countries have wonderful nature, Spain & Jamaica even beach. Whether you are looking for sun and beach or forest and mountains there is always a perfect place for you.

If you are a lector or a center organizing retreats interested in cooperation do not hesitate to contact us.