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Get ready for the change, get ready for the real connection! 😉

We are an international team estabilished in Barcelona (Spain), Prague (Czech Republic) & Negril (Jamaica). The Aham Project was created by Petra & Katka to handle various projects related to reconnect people with nature, animals & themselves.

Petra & KatkaPetra & Katka

We provide you with the best spiritual retreats, courses, voluntary programs, informations about natural life style, news, articles and put you in contact with interesting people and animals :)

“Aham” is an ultimate, transcendental mantra, the so called mantra of the heart (force and power of consciousness).

“Aham” also means “I” the spiritual ego which is necessary for our spiritual growth. 

On the other hand, MAHA, mirror image of AHAM, is formed of MA+HA+A, and represents the seed of resorption – the mantra that is identical to the process of spiritual evolution, or in other words resorption of the manifestation back into the absolute.

aham project


Aham Project is inspired by the the beauty of Life itself. By the ever living energy manifested in different magnificent forms on our beautiful planet. By the trees, rivers, mountains, oceans, birds, all kinds of animals and humans. The energy connecting all these forms together is very unique and mysterious.

By evoking mindful wonder about life´s beauty we want to renew the conscious connection between humans, animals and nature. By personal awakening we are able to find the natural respect for all forms of life, ourselves included. In our busy lives we almost forgot we are a part of nature, a part of life, a part of the mystery  By different techniques and relaxations, we can calm our minds and experience the beauty of Life in the present moment.

We will provide you with many programs, retreats and workshops that lead into developing our empathy, intuition and sense of connection. We cooperate with many professional from different fields. You can choose from the Projects and find the one that touches your heart.

If you want to know more about us, please contact us anytime