Gemma Knowles

BA in Business Administration and Psycology from Richmond University in London, I went on to found and direct the Fundación Trifolium for the protection of Animals and Nature since 1998, running a stunning run-free, no-kill animal shelter in the Parque Natural del Garraf in the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain.

My work with animals has led me to discover new and magical ways of relating to Nature and the extraordinary abilities of animals to guide and heal their human companions. I became an avid student of Alternative Therapies for Animals and began teaching Telepathic Communication with Animals in 2004.

In 2006, I created the Humanimal Project for the integration of animals in our society, running an Animal Assisted Activities program for the elderly and children in need.

In 2009, I founded the Insituto Trifolium for the advancement and practice of Natural Therapies on Animals. And in 2010, I created the Interspecies Communication Project as a platform for the extrasensory experiencies that occur in my courses of animal communication.