Meditation course in Barcelona

WEEKLY CREATIVE MEDITATION course in Barcelona (English)

Meditation course in Barcelona

Teacher: Rosa Aleah
Place: AGGELOSIRIS, C/ Esparteria 6, 3º 2ª, 08003 – Barcelona (El Borne)
When: Every Tuesday at 20:00



We offer you to work your bodyquiet your mindbalance your emotions and connect with your soul, through techniques developed by Rosa Puerto. She calls it creative meditation.

This Meditation class gives you an opportunity to connect with your essencecreate a positive inner dialogue, feel supported by a group, sharing  your personal journey and having the opportunity to learn energy techniques to balance your energy centers and open up more to  enjoy your life .

Also through breathing and relaxation, conscious movement, playing percussions, listening to the crystal bowls music, using vocal healing work, activities  to cleanse and recharge your chakras, individual and collective meditations on the cards “Star Seeds” that Rosa has created as a way of opening your being, we invite you  to connect with the truth in your heart .

Each encounter is different. Come and learn to balance your being!

This Meditation course in Barcelona is open to English speakers or those who want to improve their English.

Price: One session 15 euros , 4 sessions 55 euros

Please, make sure to book your place 😉 Contact Katka to make a reservation.

Contact details:
Organized by: Katka +34 652 34 26 28,

Teacher: Rosa Aleah 93 319 30 20 / 637 831 592