Los Zapatos

Alternative Eco-friendly Hostel

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Strategic Concept

After traveling all around the world and visiting many different places, we realized that the concept of a hostel is a very good idea for business. Hostels are essentially cheaper than hotels and offer visitors the laid – back  home atmosphere. They offer either a private room option, or a single bed in a dorm room, which meets customers preferences. A single bed is a cheaper option for travelers, who travel alone or are just short of money.

The hostel will be located in Castelldefels, nice quiet beach area in outskirts of Barcelona (15 min by public transport to city center of Barcelona) just beside the natural park Garraf and one train stop from Sitges. There are no hostels in the area with similar concept, so we are sure the hostel will find it´s customers very easy. The best way to approach this market will be through the internet, social media, magazines and general word of mouth. We feel confident that the services and alternative options at Los Zapatos hostel will be good enough for customers to come back or refer to friends. Los Zapatos hostel will be the only alternative eco-friendly hostel in the area and will offer very different options comparing to other classic hotels around.

The basic target market will be young open minded individuals, who are interested in alternative ways of life and ecology. We will cooperate with different organisations in the area, providing various programs. So customers can be either passing by travelers  or people interested in programs the hostel provides. The hostel will be also welcoming families with children and of course animal friendly. The downfall of the business might be winter time, however we hope that thanks to our special programs, connection with like minded organisations and close location to Barcelona, customers will be interested to visit us any time of the year.      


The name of the hostel is Los Zapatos, which in Spanish means Shoes. The name represents the very nature of all travelers who are not afraid to put on sport shoes and move on the road and fulfill their dreams. The shoes will be also the logo and the mascot of the hostel, with an interesting background story.


Los Zapatos will be an alternative vegan pension based on 5 elements and decorated according to Feng Shui so that all our guests can feel comfortable and relaxed. This pension will be offering Yoga classes,  Reiki sessions, Cooking lessons, Country trips, Animal communication courses, Relaxing techniques lessons, Volunteer programs at local shelters and many others, depending on demand. In the common area will be a space for visitors to socialize, meet and exchange experiences or just relax and listen to music or play games. We are not sure if all hostel should be wi-fi equipped, or we might provide one spare room for internet users. Free fresh fruit buffet will be offered every morning as a basic “alive” breakfast (raw), included in the price. Also fresh healed water will be available to all visitors non stop. We will also offer option of full vegan breakfast like pancakes, home made bread, or warm brunches for late sleepers. Los Zapatos will be respecting the cruelty free philosophy of life, therefore all the food will be free of animal products and cooperation with local organic farmers will be very essential. The hostel will be closely cooperating also with few vegan restaurants in Barcelona and organizing different vegan events together. We will also provide the option of lunches and dinners and common DIY evenings.