Rosa Aleah

I always stayed in touch with healing since childhood. I grew up in Barcelona in an environment that encouraged my creativity from a young age and I had a great interest in art, music and dance.

I studied fine arts (sculpture, painting) later theater, exploring and weaving a path to the spiritual. Later in the 80’s and because of my interest in healing and personal growth and this lead me to explore & study different techniques such as Reiki, Flower Essences, Light Body, Chakras, Biodanza, color therapy, yoga, and meditation.

In the early 80’s I was living and working in Scandinavia as a teacher of art and drama in schools. During the early 90’s I moved to London to work as head of the department of music and creativity of The Montessori International College. For years I was training teachers as well as offered seminars to school teachers or those who had a deep interest for my work with the expressive arts centers, energy healing and personal growth.

Around those years I began my studies in sound healing, for several years attending courses and trainings with several teachers. (Chloe Goodchild, Jonathan Goldman, James Angelo, Frankie Armstrong, Karina Schelde among others.)
In the mid 90’s I finished my studies as a facilitator for psychodrama and as humanistic counselor and my certification in art therapy. For a time did some studies with Awahoshi Kavan specialist in quartz bowls.

Today I live in Barcelona offering therapy, channeling, courses, and classes, conferences both in my center Aggelosiris & in several localities of the province or country.

I just published a book on vibration and sound healing called ”Terapia de Sonido” (www.mundodelasterapias) and produced 4 albums.
I am currently finishing my second book about the power of art initiation, meditation, shamanism and the product of a personal process for 15 years.

My current work combines techniques of energy work, along with my experience over 14 years teaching using sound as a means of personal transformation and are supporting this with gestaltiques techniques of psychodrama, art therapy, and guided meditations that combine vocal work with the energy conscious dance and creativity.

In recent years I have created a training covering various therapeutic techniques of vibrational medicine, providing an important role in the voice and sound therapy as tools of personal transformation.

Training is offered in Spain and South America.

My creative spirit and my deep intuition have the sole objective to help in these changing times to connect with your inner creative source, free your voice and begin to ”serve”, that is to be and live..

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