The power of your voice …………. your own natural energy source!

“In the beginning was the word and the word was sound”

Did you know that the human voice is a mirror of our inner universe?
Our voice reveals our moods, fears, intentions, hopes, tensions, desires thoughts and reflects who we really are. The sound of our voice can tell us more about a person than words.

According to Rosa Puerto our voice not only reflects the state of our mind, our emotions and moods, but also an expression of our soul. Rosa practices Sound Healing internationally since 1995, lecturing and facilitating workshops for over 12 years as a pioneer in his knowledge of sound through their connection to the soul of each student or patient who comes to her for her song Soul. Her book “Terapia de Sonido” is a good general introduction to what today is this new healing modality. On this site you can find different voice workshops or quartz bowl or training to become a Sound therapist.
Her workshops will offer a practical resource and transformation through effective exercises, based on the method she teaches in Spain, Mexico and has shared in the past also in Sweden and England to promote personal and spiritual development. A method that teaches us to use our voice to heal and get in touch with our inner truth.

When we release repressed emotions, which are stored in our bones, muscles, tissues and organs, in fact we are enabling our self-healing. When we allow ourselves to sigh, mourn, groan or complain, we have a sense of freedom, as we go beyond our control mechanism, our conscious mind, which controls our mind and our voice speech.

All our problems come first in our subconscious mind, which always alter our energy flow as a result. When our energy flow is interrupted experience feelings, emotions and stress. Are our feelings that influence our biochemistry / or molecular structure of our body, and when we find a way to release emotional blocks in the subconscious in a natural way, as a result there arises a liberating experience that promotes self-healing.
Our voice allows us direct access to powerful feelings, stored, often repressed, and denied in our body and energy field. How does all this happen?
It occurs naturally due to the fact that the sound has a powerful ability to break down barriers, the crystallizations of thought forms, beliefs and penetrate the subconscious mind to release these blockages, including physical locks.

We can say that “everything that has happened in your life culminates in pitch and tone of your voice and clear 80 percent of what we say is delivered by the tone of voice.”

Therefore, the tone of our voice is more important than the words we use to communicate. Words can lie, but the tone reflects our true intention expressed or suppressed. The voice reveals our character and personality. Our voice remembers what we have forgotten through conscious or unconscious suppression of our painful memories / experiences.

This is because our emotions are contained in the vibration of our voice. When we hear the voice of a person, that we can attract, repel, manipulate or give us a sense of liberation or excitement and can respond to it on an intuitive level, emotional. The voice tells us where we are, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Sound forms the universe. Sound is a vibration, a frequency, and now we know through quantum physics that the universe is composed of energy fields and technically vibrational fields of energy, therefore, everything in the universe is made of vibration including our physical bodies.
What is sound? Sound is vibration, a specific frequency.

As Pythagoras said “A stone is frozen music.”
Pythagoras (c. 580-500 BC), a very wise professor of ancient Greece, knew how to work with sound. He taught his students how certain musical chords and melodies produce definite answers on the human body. He showed that the correct sequence of sounds, played with a musical instrument can change behavior patterns and accelerate the healing process.

Thus, from the latest scientific research can be said that sound is part of us . All tissues, organs, bones and cells are composed of sound. We are united by sound, because every part of our body has its own sonic frequencies that travel and throb like a wave, inhale and exhale in one breath.
In practice, then, any part of the person who is out of balance, for instance having headaches or back pain, weight problems or fatigue, emotional, mental or spiritual healing can respond to sound.

As emotions affect the chemical structure of our body, we are asked to learn to balance our emotional body with our own voice as a form of self-healing. Dissonant sounds, for example, are an excellent driver to get in touch with the emotional body, and the release of any false beliefs or negative programming. By expanding our vocal range we are also expanding our view of life and we are transcending our self limiting beliefs imposed on the experience of our true self.

What is “a soul song”?
The human voice is one of the most powerful tools available to humanity. Every word we speak has the tone of our sound as a tool for communication and self-healing. Understanding how to set and use this instrument effectively when there are changes not only helps our own consciousness, but also of those who receive (listen) our sounds.

Healing through sound is an ancient healing tool. Sound has the ability to penetrate the cells of the body, the conscious and the unconscious, the visible and the invisible. You can travel through space and time. The sound is powerful, yet gentle and effective and has the power to correct any conditions, because it is a vibration.

Actually humanity feels a nostalgia and a need today to fully open the throat chakra to communicate truth and into the realm of personal expression. Not a cry, but a call in the depths of our hearts that want to be heard. There is a longing for the release of the voice and soul – in this way we discover the greatness of who we really are – a force of creation with a higher vibration.

Emotional blockages in the throat are enormous. Our grief and anger, for example, which are not expressed, are the main causes of disease and blockages. If we can release our voice, we are actually releasing that pain and blockages in our body.

As a clinical physical therapist who works with people who have chronic back pain, hip, neck and shoulder injuries. I was inspired to use this process for the soul songs, with my voice with a client while in a session with Reiki energy. She had for years back problems and came to relieve them.
Through the release of sounds naturally and effortlessly (on your part and with my own voice, along with her) began to emerge as a crying child 5 years of age who had been alone in the darkness of a forest. It was amazing to witness how the voice of this woman who is so controlled and restricted most of the time, took her to the center of her back pain and under the thyroid.

The intense pain that her repressed inner child had over the years was the key to finally release this emotional blockage that caused the pain and muscle tension in the back. After a few minutes of integration, felt a different setting in her lower back and the pain disappeared. Some people may see this as a miracle, I would like to see it as accessing our truth with the power of your own voice.

In essence, the sound is a powerful tool for healing and transformation, and is much more powerful and effective when we are using our own voice. When we use our own voice, we are accessing our direct energy source, our repressed emotions and essence of our soul. This is much faster after listening to music or voice of another person. Our voice contains all the information about us.

Our voice reflects all parts of our being, including our soul. For this reason, it is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to experience their true selves and live a life inspired. Our voice through this method improves our ability to communicate more clearly, happily, more alive and more present in our lives. We played places we have not visited before, since the voice also contains our potential unexplored.

Our voice is our natural source of energy and release it helps us to remember and recognize our true nature in the fight of our human experience. Our voice wants to be explored with confidence, love and acceptance of what we are here to experience in our lives.


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